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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Is this the coolest case ever for the Ricoh GRD?

Head Porter GR Digital IV case

It could be. It's black, it's stealthy in the extreme and it's not leather.

There's only one thing that stopped me in my tracks when I went to order it today...The $100 plus it was going to cost me.

I mean, come on; the GRD is expensive enough on its own and now I'm supposed to drop roughly a fifth of what the Ricoh cost to buy a nylon case? I've been known to get carried away, but not carried away quite that far.

I'm going to have to keep looking. Until I find something better, the original Think Tank Modular Pouch, which you can see reviewed below or also by this guy in case you don't believe me, is going to remain the GRD's bag. It's a tad too roomy for the GRD but it's the perfect shape and configuration in that it can readily change from a vertical to a horizontal bag on a belt.

Still, I really want that Head Porter bag.

The Ricoh GRD IV and me

Yes, it's been a while.

OK, so I used to own a GRD II and later a III. Then, I got sidetracked for a while with the Panasonic LX5, a camera I always respected but never grew to love.

It's so nice to be back with Ricoh (and that's not even counting my brief time with the GXR). The feel of the IV, the menus...just like home!

I was actually driven to buying a new IV after being thoroughly frustrated with trying to buy a used one. I had a Wanted to Buy at DP Review and at Fred Miranda. Heck, I even replied to a For Sale ad but never heard back from the seller. Another guy replied to my WTB but never came through with pics. I like DPR but it's not been an effectual place to do business. 

There's one on Ebay but I didn't quite buy the seller. And, like we say in the watch-flipping game; buy the seller first and the watch second.

In the end, a kind of camera-fear-of-the-future drove me to buy a new IV. Why? Because I'm afraid the IV's replacement is gonna be bigger, more like a Pentax, less like a Ricoh, or just plain different.

Even if it's better, it may not be better for me.

I'm all for bigger sensors. The sensors in my Fuji X100 is bigger and so's the one in my Nikon D200. But, the size of the GRD works in concert with the size of its sensor. Oh sure, Ricoh may do some Sony-like magic and cram a 1" inch sensor into the next GRD but the resulting camera will lose something, too. It's just the nature of change. 

By the way, I got both my new GRDs (and my GXR) from Alex & Tony are  fantastic to do business with and are really dedicated to Ricoh. Plus, they're like 20 miles from where I live so I ordered Tuesday and got it Thursday with free ship.

This GRD is gonna stay!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ricoh GRD III Brochure Nippon Style!

Well, I need to tell you that my GRD II has moved on to a new and very happy owner. The II was a great camera and one that never disappointed me with its great handling and flexibility. But, the III was out with its standard-setting f1.9 lens and I had to have one. Anyway, this scan of the catalog comes courtesy of my new cyber-friend and fellow Rocoh fan who is also the proud owner of my old GRD II.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Better Bag? The Think Tank Modular Pouch

Face it, if a P&S isn't convenient it isn't worth much. If we could readily drag around our DSLRs we'd do it, but we can't so we don't. One of best things about the Ricoh GRD II is its modest size and clean shape. You'd think it would be easy to find a nice case for it but it's been pretty tough. So far, the The Think Tank Modular Pouch is as good as I've seen, so let's take a look at it.

The Pouch is made for whatever fits (cell phones, PDAs, cameras), so it's about as far from purpose-built for the Ricoh as you can find. Still, it's shaped correctly. The GRD II looks pretty small inside and I plan to add a closed cell foam piece to the bottom of the pouch to provide at least a little drop protection.

You see, the Think Tank is relatively free of padding. I am sure that a lot of users will sense that it offers too little protection but I actually prefer the lack of bulk. The Pouch has a generous outer pouch and a separate interior pouch (pouches all around, it would seem). It also has a number of different ways to attach it to a number of different devices. There are two stout loops on the outside, another on the inside and a couple of velcro closures that allow it to be attached equally well to a belt or a backpack. The bag is extremely well made, far better than other more expensive bags I have seen, and premium materials are used throughout. All in all, it's a very cleverly executed bag for the GRD II though I do wish that Think Tank made it in a size that fit the Ricoh just a tad more snuggly.

But, for now, the Think Tank Modular Pouch is the best bag for the Ricoh GRD II that I've seen, but I'm still on the prowl for something even better.

Friday, July 10, 2009

McGee Creek

Lone Pine Cattle Ranch

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The GC-1 GRD II Case from Ricoh

For some reason, I am seldom enamored with the cases made by manufacturers for their own cameras. Oh sure, they fit and all, but they are usually not up to the quality or, in the case of the GRD II the style, of the camera in question.

That's pretty much the case with the GC-1. It fits the GRD II (though it's a tad snug). It looks OK. But, it doesn't really match the GRD II or the way most people are likely to use it. The leather feels rather slick and cheap and the lining is a little scratchy side. It has a D-Ring on the back and a very skinny belt loop. Some may find the fact that the GC-1 is not padded to be an issue but I don't. I think that padding in a case that's designed exclusively to be used on a belt is of little value. If you plan on using the smaller of the two Ricoh viewfinders for the GRD II (the GV-2) attached to the camera you can buy the nearly identical GC-2.

All in all, the GC-1 is rather disappointing for a case that costs around $40. Still, if you must have a Ricoh case for your GRD II the GC-1 will have to do.

Me? I'm sill looking for something better.