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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Is this the coolest case ever for the Ricoh GRD?

Head Porter GR Digital IV case

It could be. It's black, it's stealthy in the extreme and it's not leather.

There's only one thing that stopped me in my tracks when I went to order it today...The $100 plus it was going to cost me.

I mean, come on; the GRD is expensive enough on its own and now I'm supposed to drop roughly a fifth of what the Ricoh cost to buy a nylon case? I've been known to get carried away, but not carried away quite that far.

I'm going to have to keep looking. Until I find something better, the original Think Tank Modular Pouch, which you can see reviewed below or also by this guy in case you don't believe me, is going to remain the GRD's bag. It's a tad too roomy for the GRD but it's the perfect shape and configuration in that it can readily change from a vertical to a horizontal bag on a belt.

Still, I really want that Head Porter bag.


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